Many piercings have African or Middle Eastern names. But the safest thing is to describe exactly what you want and where – you may have thought of something new for which there isn’t yet a name.Ampallang: A bar passing horizontally through the
head of the cock, usually through the urethra. Healing time
7-8 wks.Apadravya: A bar passing vertically through the cock
head, usually through the urethra. Healing time 6-8 wks.Dydoe: A bar passing front to back through the glans
(the ridge around the head of the cock). Best done on either
side rather than at the top. But the emerging bar forms a
shallow angle with the flesh and can tear if the ridge is
small. Healing time 5-7 wks.Foreskin: Usually pierced on each side. You can then
wear a ring though each hole or a single ring through both
keeping the foreskin closed. Healing time 5-6 wks.

Frenum: A small ring or bar through the web of flesh
underneath the cock head. Alternatively a large ring can be
passed through the piercing after encircling the whole cock.
Healing time 3-5 wks.

Guiche: Piercing through the ridge between the balls
and the anus. Can be difficult to heal in cyclists. Healing
time 6-8 wks.

Hafada: Rings placed through the side of the scrotum
(not the balls themselves!) There’s a large area available
so multiple piercings are common. Healing time 6-8 wks.

Labret: Stud placed through the flesh directly under the lower

Prince Albert: A ring goes in through then urethra
and comes out underneath the cockhead. Healing time 3 wks.

Pubic piercing: A ring through the flesh at the base
of the stomach directly above the cock. Some people of a fatty
disposition may find this piercing grows out. Healing time
6-8 wks.

Septum: A piercing through the fleshy ridge between
the nostrils under the hard cartilage. Because many people
cannot wear a ring all the time, the healing period is often
seen through with a discreet keeper or stud. Healing time
6-8 wks.

Tits: Rings or bars usually placed horizontally. As
the tits develop it is often possible to place further piercings
alongside the original one. Healing time 7-8 wks.

For many gay men, having parts of their body pierced is as strong a statement about their sexuality as coming out. Whatever the law might try to say, whatever prejudice you might experience, having your cock, your tits or other parts of your body pierced is a way of taking control of your body, of moulding it into some-thing of your very own, different from the way you were born.

There’s no necessary connection between piercing and SM, but many gay men find that piercings are an extension of the way they explore and play with their own and other men’s bodies.

And while the law says that you’re not upposed to gain sexual pleasure from piercings, (after a strange and almost unenforceable judgement) many people of both sexes and all sexual orientations will testify that just wearing rings or bars in their piercings makes them feel sexier, even if the piercings don’t enter into their sex games.

How to choose a piercer

Hygiene and expertise are very important when choosing someone to pierce you.

Never have your body pierced with an ear piercing gun – they’re not accurate enough. Your ear lobe is a big area and a small variation in position or angle may not matter. Your tits are much smaller and precise positioning and accurate piercing using a proper hollow needle is essential if your piercing is to hang properly and heal in the right position. And if you plan to stretch your piercings then it is doubly important that your initial piercing is done correctly.

Always use solid stainless steel or silver jewellery. Plated metals can start to flake off, leaving sharp flakes which can injure you. And the new piercing can have a bad allergic reaction to the base metal.

Your piercer should have an autoclave – a small electric oven – in which the needles and other instruments are sterilised between clients. Most piercers wear rubber gloves. Though most piercings involve practically no blood, it is in your and their interest that any possibility of cross infection is avoided.

Ask people who have piercings you admire where they had them done. Most people are only too willing to show them off and personal recommendation is a good guide.

Your piercer should operate from permanent premises so you can go back if something goes wrong (or if you want some more). A telephone number in case your piercing starts to give you trouble will give you peace of mind.

Most piercers will gladly show you hotographs of their work and of them at work in their office. If they can’t show you what they have done be cautious. They may have no experience or no satisfied customers willing to show their piercings.

Be prepared to make an appointment rather than expect the piercer necessarily to do it on impulse. It’s an important decision so waiting a day or two won’t make that much difference.


Your first piercing

A new piercing requires commitment. Only have a piercing when it is right for you. Don’t have one under pressure from a lover, or as a fashion accessory you’ll discard like last week’s disco hit.

While the actual piercing process will only take a few minutes, you need to be patient and attentive over the weeks that your piercing heals. During that time the piercing will feel it sore and itchy and you may notice the oozing clear plasma drying to a crystalline deposit.

You’ll need to bathe it twice a day in saline or other recommended liquids to wash out any seeping fluids while it heals. Your own sterile urine washing through your new cock piercings is one of the reasons these heal faster!

While your piercing is healing you won’t be able to play with that part of your body as much as usual. Heavy playing with a healing piercing can delay the healing process as can handling with grubby fingers. Once it’s healed you can play as much or better than you ever did. But if you’re in the habit of playing with one of your tits while you’re wanking you may find it takes longer than the other one to settle down.

Once they’re healed, your piercings can take a fair amount of heavy treatment. But people without any piercings may not be aware how much more sensitive your tits or cock have become. And over-vigorous pulling and twisting can cause small tears which take time to heal.

Healed piercings pose no health risk. Cock piercings don’t prevent you from using condoms for fucking. But make sure to use lots of water-based lubricant so you don’t damage the condom.
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Stretching your piercing

Once your piercing has healed you may wish to make the hole larger to take thicker rings or bars. One way is to buy a special tapered rod and work at the piercing gently. Alternatively, some people build up layers of nail varnish on their existing ring or bar to increase its thickness.

Never force larger rings into a small hole. If you have a number of piercings you want to enlarge, do them one after the other. That way you can economise on jewellery by cycling a series of different gauge rings or bars through each piercing in turn as it opens out.

Most piercings will eventually close up if they are left without any bar or ring in them for periods of time. Some people can go days or longer before they notice any tightening of the hole. Other people have to wear their piercings every day.

If you have a septum piercing you can wear a discreet small stud which will stop the hole closing up.

If you have sexual fantasies about piercing, don’t expect your piercer to enter into them. They’re not running a massage parlour and a recent court ruling made piercings for sexual pleasure illegal for both parties. Don’t jeopardise your own or your piercer’s liberty.


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