Making the most of your arse.

Rough Sex 2008 cover
You must be able to get anything that goes up your arse out again! For small objects (say up to 25mm in diameter), this should not be a problem, as this is roughly the size of the average expanded arsehole when you shit, but you should still be very careful not to push them through the second sphincter into the colon, where they could cause a blockage. For larger objects, it’s essential that there is some way of getting them out again – for example with 50mm anal balls there must be an unbreakable cord, chain or similar so that you can (gently!) pull them out.Dildos, in their many and varied forms, are not usually a problem, since most are designed with a base that will not go up any but a porn star’s arse. But be careful of double ended dildos or similar – if you push them too far up the colon and they break inside, it will almost certainly mean serious surgery to get them out.Never use anything that can break, like glass bottles.

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