or pain is pleasure!

Rough Sex 2008 cover
If you’re into intense sex you may also be into pain and/or control.

Whatever the scene involves, it’s important that both guys know exactly where the boundaries are and how the scene can be stopped.A coded stop word is essential – it’s easy to yell stop and not really mean it.

And if fucking is on the agenda make sure it’s clear from the start that it’s going to be with a condom.If you’re into CP (Corporal Punishment), or any kind of beating, whipping or caning, you may draw blood or cut the skin. If this happens you shouldn’t use the same implement on anyone else without thoroughly cleaning it first – sharing a cane could mean sharing blood and sharing HIV or Hepatitis.Injuries can easily happen to delicate parts of the body, so stick to areas where there are large muscles to protect internal organs – buttocks and upper back are the safest.If someone does bleed for any reason – beating, abrasion, heavy tit work- make sure you don’t cum near the wound. Remember that if you cum on him and he moves, the cum could trickle into the wound.

Heavy tit work or beating may also release serum – a clear fluid which is as rich in HIV as blood. So take the same care with this as you would with blood – don’t let it get anywhere near a cut or graze.Hot wax and ice don’t have any HIV risks, so you can enjoy candles and ice cream to your heart’s content!.

Naked guy, tied to bench gagged with yellow jock strap, nipples clampped and holding his cock.

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