Why do men want to have their cock controlled and locked out of reach?

  • To be controlled by another person (maybe as part of a wider sub/dom relationship)
  • To reduce their wanking so they have more energy and interest in playing with others
  • To increase quality of orgasms
  • To maintain a level of horniness and arousal that isn’t dissipated by cumming
  • Because It gives them sexual or emotional pleasure
  • To be “emasculated”
  • As a sign of commitment/fidelity

Why do tops/doms want to lock others?

  • As part of a sub/dom control situation
  • So the locked guy has more energy and interest in playing with them
  • As a service (there’s always more subs around than keyholders)
  • As a punishment
  • As a sign of commitment/fidelity
  • Because It gives them sexual or emotional pleasure
  • Self control

What’s the best way of achieving this?

  • A well-fitting robust chastity device that can be left in place for extended periods without the need for removal
  • A device he can’t cum in
  • Keeping the keys well out of reach

The ins and outs of being a keyholder

  • Keyholder responsibilities
    • Agree the terms of the lock-up In terms of duration etc in advance and stick to it
    • Maintain regular contact with your locked guys
    • Appreciate he may have other constraints (job, partner, travel)
    • Always be safe, sane and consensual
  • Making sure the locked guy really is locked
    • Take the key away completely (but think about emergencies)
    • Combination key safes (not combination locks)
    • Numbered tags (but preferably not on the device)
    • Keys in tamper-evident packages
    • Regular evidence on cam/in person
    • Anti-pull out devices
  • Keeping him aroused and on edge so it doesn’t get boring for either of you
    • Chat to him and tell him how much sexual pleasure you are having, tease him
    • Get him to watch porn or read stories
    • Play with him and/or have him play with others
    • Edging and other self-play while locked (maybe on cam) with tit and arse toys for example

Men in cock cages

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How to be a good locked guy

  • Take care of your body and your device
  • Be honest about any lapses
  • Stick to the agreement
  • Keep in contact with your keyholder and give them feedback

Practical considerations

  • Hygiene
    • General cleaning, urine flow, foreskins
    • Anal hygiene for full belts
  • Problems
    • Irritation, chafing, sores
  • Travel and security screening

True or false?

  • There’s no such thing as a device which is guaranteed to prevent orgasms
  • Lack of orgasms increases the risk of prostate disease

Learning about chastity

  • Learn about chastity devices. It always helps if a keyholder has tried on chastity devices
  • Get advice and support (for both keyholders and locked guys) from others with experience
  • is a large online community of locked guys and male keyholders. It has links to an extensive list of suppliers, a busy forum full of advice and experiences, live chat and galleries of profiles with photos
  • Self-locking is very common

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