• Towel
  • Paper bag
  • T-shirt pulled over head
  • Motorbike crash helmet
  • Denim jeans
  • Sack
  • Black woollen hat
  • Rucksack
  • Ski mask (backwards)
  • Tubular muslin duster
  • Leather trousers
  • Large envelope
  • Lycra shorts
  • Balaclava (backwards)
  • Pillowcase

Why use a hood or mask?

  • Remove the slave’s identity; change him into an anonymous
    sex object
  • Create real submission through the loss of senses:sight, hearing, speech
  • Provide a wonderful sense of restriction; the tighter the
    betterKeep the slave disoriented; make him try to guess what will
    happen next
  • Intensify the sensation of submission; use a gag as well
  • Enhance the domination through the control of breathing; but
    be careful to avoid suffocating him
  • Be imaginative; replace the slave’s senses with the master’s
    own scenario
  • Increase the top’s authority; wear one as well
  • Be innovative; everyday items can be just as effective as
    expensive commercial goods


Precautions for a safe scene

  • Check hood openings line up with the slave’s anatomy,
    eg. eyes, nose etc
  • Give lots of reassurance to those new to the experience
  • Build the intensity gradually
  • Check that the slave can breathe
  • Have rounded scissors available for emergencies
  • Don’t leave the slave unattended
  • Don’t trap the ears when fitting the hood
  • Be careful if you use poppers – hoods can intensify their
  • Don’t affix the slave just by the head or neck, a hanging
    is too easy
  • Don’t use plastic bags