Historically, mummification is the process of preparing a body for burial. In ancient Egypt, for example, this involved embalming the body with spices to preserve it and then wrapping the corpse with bandages. We prepare bodies now for heavy sex.

Mummies can be viewed in many major museums, and they enjoyed a popular revival during the early 20th Century through the horror film genre – including such classics as Revenge of the Mummy (which was not about some housewife using Persil instead of Ariel on her teenage son’s football kit).

For the modern SMer, mummification involves totally immobilising the body of your partner, thereby gaining complete control over him. Generally, the sexual organs and erogenous appendages (such as the genitalia, tits and arse) are left exposed for sensual play after the mummification is complete.

Various materials can be used for mummification – although the most popular are clingfilm and gaffer tape (together they make the perfect combination, yet one without the other is always a bitter disappointment to the mummee) and rubber bandages (which allow for greater tension than ordinary bandages).

Mummification devotees also enjoy full-body plaster of Paris scenes, although these are relatively expensive and highly time-consuming. They can, however, be less stressful than other forms of long-term bondage.


What you need

Gaffer tape sizes Use 1.5in or 2in wide gaffer tape, rather than larger widths. Although you’ll need more strips, it doesn’t take much longer to wrap the body. Thinner tape is more flexible, easier to unroll and doesn’t crumple as easily.

Use blunt-edged scissors when making holes in the tape film to pull tits through and when cutting the mummee out. NEVER use sharp pointed scissors.


Alcohol & drugs

Carefully monitor your use of alcohol or drugs (such as poppers) before and during a scene. We recommend that Tops abstain while the scene is in progress.



When using rubber bandages around the head, put cotton wool between the eyes and the rubber, to ensure the bandage does not press in on the eyes. Remember that rubber contracts, so be careful not to wrap it so tightly that you cause lock-jaw.


Where do I Begin?

Clingfilm and muslin cloths are available at any supermarket. Gaffer tape can be bought at most commercial stationers, who generally stock a variety of sizes and colours. ModRoc, a modelling plaster used in such things as model railway scenery, is available at all good hobby shops. The plaster used in plaster casts and blunt-ended sissors can generally be bought at medical supply outlets, such as John Bell & Croyden, 50 Wigmore St, London Wl. Latex bandages can be obtained from many rubber clothing suppliers.

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Extracts from a conversation recorded after a two hour session. The mummee, who had never been mummified before, had been apprehensive about the idea before the scene began.

The mummification had started by encasing his head: a clean, dry muslin cloth was cut open and placed over the head, and used as a base for wrapping the gaffer tape around (ensuring that when the gaffer tape was removed,
hair and skin would not be affected).

The head was the critical part of the anatomy – the gaffer tape needed to be applied carefully to block out all light, while ensuring that breathing through the nose was possible. Then the whole body had been encased in a layer of clingfilm, around which strips of gaffer tape were applied. Starting at the shoulders and working down to the toes, the procedure took about 45 minutes.

Holes were carefully cut to expose the tits, and cock and balls were left exposed. Once encased, the Top toyed with the mummee for an hour or so before jerking him off and slowly cutting him out of the encasing material
using blunt- ended scissors.

Top: Once you were wrapped up, how did it feel?

Mummee: Well, it was warm, very enclosed, felt good. Especially as I felt you had been servicing me. I didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t in control, I was at ease. You were there for me. Then you started playing with my tits, the candle wax on my cock and so on, suddenly the tables were turned. There was this constant stimulus which made me flick back and forth from feeling protected and warm to feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Top: After you came, what did you feel?

Mummee: Very high, very relaxed, exhausted. I wanted to stay wrapped up like that forever. But then I started to feel a bit sweaty, a bit cramped, a little

Top: How did you feel being cut out?

Mummee: That was probably the most interesting part – I wasn’t prepared for those emotions. Though I was concerned when you were cutting up between my legs towards the cock. It was like coming out of a chrysalis. Feeling the air on your skin. Regaining your sight, your consciousness of your body. It felt like I’d had a really good massage.

Top: How did you feel during the mummification procedure?

Mummee: I was very dubious about it. I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. But once I’d been gagged and you’d wrapped up my head and I couldn’t see any
more, it started to get interesting. I stopped seeing things and started to feel things.

Top: Yes, it’s the old thing about putting hoods on falcons or blinkers on horses. They calm down and get submissive if they can’t see what’s going on around them. I noticed your breathing changed a bit once we had the head wrapped – you were calmer. How did you like the wrapping?

Mummee: At times I felt the body mummifying process was a bit tedious. I was glad it was summer because if it had been cold, I would have been shivering being naked so long. In winter you’d have to heat the room up well.
And I was very tense when you were cutting through with the scissors to get at

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