Rough Sex 2008 cover
..or living with AIDS and want to enjoy rough sex, the advice on these pages may help you to decide how to balance the pleasures against the risks. The information you need to do it safely is the same, and there are still many good reasons to have safer sex.Keeping it safer may also help ease any concerns you have about whether totell a partner you’re HIV positive. If you have unsafe sex with someone who also has HIV, you both risk re-infection with a different strain of HIV. This can increase damage to your immune system, and could also affect whether anti-HIV treatments might work for you now or in the future.

Whatever the HIV status of the person you have sex with, you could still become infected with other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).These can be more difficult to fight if your immune system is already weakened. Medication such as antibiotics used to treat many STDs can also weaken the immune system, or interfere with the effectiveness of other treatments you may be taking.

It can take longer for STDs to clear up if you get them repeatedly. This may put you more at risk of HIV related opportunistic infections.

It’s not only up to you to talk about safer sex (or make sure sex stays safe) just because you know you have HIV, but both you and the people you’re having sex with need to decide on what risks you’re prepared to take.

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