Rough Sex 2008 cover
Most people are into booze, poppers or drugs in some way, whether it’s a quiet pint down the pub or a 72 hour rave. And we all know that our sex gets affected for better or for worse.However off your face you want to get, it’s important to think carefully first about what the possible risks are.

Anyone can get tempted by the thought of an unsafe fuck, and booze, poppers or drugs can make it easier to let yourself go.

Be prepared – don’t hide the condoms and lube away but have them everywhere, in easy reach, screaming to be used. When you’re sober, go over the things you might say to yourself before you fuck or let yourself get fucked without a condom. You might be able to stop yourself at the time it happens.

If you inject drugs make sure you always have clean (preferably new) needles and that you never share them.

Any scene which takes a bit of care to get right – SM, fisting, bondage, playing with toys – is best done without drugs. It’s easy for some booze, dope or poppers to dull your judgement or make you careless.

Make sure you don’t end up doing anything you wouldn’t do with a clear head.

Get the most out of all life’s pleasures – but stay safe.

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