Rough Sex 2008 cover
Electrical contacts attached around balls and on head of cock. Playing with electricity can be really fun (but don’t plug yourself into the Mains!).There are a number of devices that can give you, literally, sensational pleasure.

The kind of equipment available essentially falls into two types: the Violet Wand which operates with a very high voltage and extremely low current, and TENS units or their specialized sex toy equivalents, which are relatively low voltage and have controls to vary the frequency and current (intensity).Neither should be used on anyone with a pacemaker or who is subject to heart problems or has eplileptic fits.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and if you don’t know use electricity on the head.

The Violet Wand is designed to produce a stream of high-voltage sparks (like static electricity). These give repetitive mild electric shocks experienced as multiple pinpricks.The power, at its lowest, is capable of giving gentle massage. At its highest it is capable of destructively removing blemishes, warts and nipples.It is always advisable to use a RCD circuit breaker with mains-powered equipment such as a Violet Wand.TENS units are the most easily available and affordable devices. Used medically for relieving pain, they produce electrical impulses that are applied to the skin using electrode pads or can be attached to metal or electrically-conductive rubber cock rings, butt plugs etc.

The electrodes should not be placed where the current across the upper body could affect the heart, eg from nipple to nipple.

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